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Perfection does exist and it's in the shape of a hat. You know those people who say hats never suit them- well you won't be able to say that anymore. Willow is like a magic accessory that you put on and it makes you look amazing, flatters the face and is just... well perfect. 

It has a subtly domed brim that creates a softness and femininity and a chic crown that isn't too high or shallow and sits very comfortably on your head.

Willow has an adjustable band to allow for the right fit and give you the freedom to alter when needed.

It has an 8.5cm brim length which is elegant and stylish without being too wide.

UPF50 + rating for sun protection and completely waterproof

Travel friendly, packable and squashproof.

We have said it before and we will say it again... perfection. 

(KIDS) 53 CM

We haven't forgotten about the little ones and have created a size and design especially for them. The adjustable band also allows for the hat to grow with them and get a maximum life span. We recommend a head size of 51cm-54cm for kids and remember these hats are scaled down to fit kids heads specifically. 

S / 55 CM

This size is the smallest size available and can adjust to fit anyone with a head size 53cm- 56cm. 

M / 57 CM

The most common and popular size and ideal for those with a 'standard' head size. Perfect for anyone from 56cm- 58cm. Often one size fits all hats will be based on this size. 

L / 59 CM

Our largest size available so if you have a larger head then this is the size for you. Best for heads sized from 58cm-60cm.